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Kerr's Metallic Belt Lacing in original box

Kerr's Metallic Belt Lacing in original box

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Kerr's Metallic Belt Lacing, 50 ft, No.1, in original box, circa about 1920. Box has a hole in the center where it was probably held on a hook or a nail for many years, and one end of the box is a bit frail. It is marked "1" on the one end but it's pretty hard to see (and really doesn't show in the images). Used to attach ends of leather (and then rubber) conveyor belts together in shops operated by large central drive systems, perhaps even water wheel driven. Doubt any was ever used but unless you stretch it out to see if it's still 50' long we may never know. Bet you've never seen one in the box before and it may be awhile before you do again. Images do a suitable job of representing the item.

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