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Vintage Glass Hunting Case Watch Crystal 19-9/16 (~44.1mm) - NOS

Vintage Glass Hunting Case Watch Crystal 19-9/16 (~44.1mm) - NOS

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Vintage Glass Hunting Case Watch Crystal size 19-9/16 (~41.1mm) with a height of 6 which is a middle dome height commonly offered, new old stock. These come from glass crystal cabinets that are easily well over 100 years old, so they give real meaning to the term NOS. That said, in my 40 years of experience with them I've not found the older crystals to be any more or less brittle than anything you could find today, if they made them today. I likely have several of these so the one you get may differ slightly from the images. Glass Hunting crystals take great care in installation so I'll package them so they arrive as described, but you're responsible for proper installation. I have a supply of crystals that numbers in the hundreds of thousands so I can supply just about any size Watch Crystal you need (glass or acrylic) so feel free to inquire. Images do an adequate job of representing the item.

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