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Westclox Parts Catalog and Repair Instructions from the late 1950's - reprint

Westclox Parts Catalog and Repair Instructions from the late 1950's - reprint

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Westclox Parts Price List and Repair Instructions for Clocks and Watches, Catalog is 8 1/2 x 11 and is 102 pages long. There is no TOC or Index in this catalog, which would seem counterproductive until you see that it was also printed without page numbers. Difficult to guess what they were thinking when they made it. Nevertheless it covers a vast array of the Westclox product line from the 1950's and 1960's and is immensely handy for both parts identification as well as as a repair guide. Here's a list of everything you'll find in it.

Travel / Alarm Clocks
- Big Ben Alarm Models 75 and 75A
- Baby Ben Models 61Y and 61Z
- Clocks of Tomorrow Models 74 and 74A
- Travelalarm Models 71A, 71A-1 & 71A-2
- Travette Model GTA-1A
- Mascott 72 & La Sallita 72A
- Bingo 66Z, La Salle 66AK, Spur 66AA

Pocket Watches
- Pocket Ben 7Q, Scotty 6G

Wrist Watches
- Kim SW-1, Judge SW-2, Troy SW-3, Adrian SW-4, Brent SW-5, Jarvis SW-6, Prep SW-1A
- Wrist Ben Model W-3
- Skipper GW4-A, Lapel Watch GW4-D
- Sabre Series Seven Jewels

Electric Clocks
- Moonbeam Electric Model S5-J
- Sheraton S7N, Byron S7B, Pittsfield S7M
- Spice S8E, Snowflake S8F, Prim S8D, Zest S8C
- Big Ben Electric S10-D, Piper S10, Fortune S10-A, Dash S10-B, Town Crier S10-C
- Ellsworth Model S10E

Wall Clock
- Monitor Commercial Wall Clock

Clock Radios
- RCA Timer Models TS4 and TS4A
- Arvin Timer TS-3C, RCA Timer TS-3B & TS-3C, Hallicrafters TS-3C

Car Clocks
- 1957 Cadillac Electric Models E7V-1, E7V & E7U
- 1957 Chevrolet Electric Model E7T
- 1957 Ford Electric Model E7S
- 1957 Oldsmobile Elctric Model E7W
- 1957 Westclox Auto Clocks Automatic Regulation Instructions

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